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i am working on the OIF:the game project and i am trying to get our first map made and i have so far completed making the map and getting all of the uv’s the right way but now the first part of the map is fine but the second is awful! here is the problem:

you go through this door up stairs and then you are suppose to jump accross a small ditch and onto the rest of the map. at this point in the map everything becomes physics free! you still have gravity but the walls and floors don’t work don’t detect collision anymore!

what is the problem? help i am falling! :smiley:

also when i eventually add objects (not jsut walls and floors) how do i make those objects be detected by the player.

i will keep this thread up and running with lots of questions as we are entering the actual game map development stage. until i post more information please visit the website at www.geocities.com/oifthegame

don’t you know about the “paint buttons” which now show up in the edit buttons in face select mode?

it is quite likely you turned off collision

[press copydrawmode to apply settings of those buttons to all selected faces]

i am new to the blender game engine and settings but yes i did know of paint buttons just not that i could disable anything in them! could you explain what this button does - i did get it to work!

Thanks! :wink:

i have now finished the map and am going to add objects into it - my questions are:

how do i make objects detectable by the player? my only idea is to enable collision in the uv buttons in edit buttons but i didn’t get it to work (i probably did it wrong) so could some one clue me in.

how do i make variable lighting - as of now the entire map is fully lit with all of the same white light - how do differnent parts have different lighting conditions?

inorder to make a sky is the best solution to creat a cube or sphere around the map and apply the textures to that or is there away to use regular world maps and if so how do i do that?

that will tide me over for now but i will have more questions later so check in often! thanks! :wink:

The objects looked good. I assume those graphics on your site were made with YAFRAY. They had that grainy YAFRAY look. But I am told that that is becasue people use too few samples.

In anycase. I think you must have a VERY powerful machine becasue with that many objects and at that level of detail the blender game engine is going to slow to a crawl unless you do.

It’s not yafray, it’s ambient occlusion.(I think)

Yes it is AO at 5 or so samples which we did only to give the same amount of lighting to each of the objects for in the gallery. We are still in the modeling stage as we have a few more things to model and then comes the uv texturing. I am working ahead on the game to get the first map done with a template blend and totally full control over all game functions and a menu and all. Then i will really slack off and let the rest of the team work on the animations and all of the other maps.

With that said we are looking for a person very skilled with python who can setup a python script containing all of the controls needed in game. Should some one want to do this please join the OIF team and then write the admins (fcmagic and myself) and we will get you up to date on what we need you to do.

We also need someone who is very skilled at animating to create post and prelude animation of the game. He or she too should join the team and contact the admins.

now why would the game be slow? We are considering a max of 20,000 verts per map - is that too high? We haven’t ever really done this so it is all new. We are trying to make it the best we can without sacrificing for machine lag. Please if you have anything you can add to the game please do! :wink:

alright i have my object file near done and my map is up and running with simple controls so here is what i need now:

  1. lights! when i press P without lights the entire map is evenly lit with the same bright white lite. If i add lamps they have no effect. What do i need to do (how to add the lamps or whatever) in order to make dark areas and light areas (not neccessarily shadows but rather just places where light isn’t do to no light source)

  2. is there a script out there that allows me to assign a ladder to it then when ever you press forward while facing the ladder it slowly raises until it passes the collision of the ladder and then it resumes forward motion? We need lots of ladders in our game so this is a crucial control.

  3. is there a script out ther that allows me to assign a door to it and the door swings (or slides which ever i want) upon pressing a user key? I need to be able to press a key and the door opens by 90* or slides out of the way.

  4. is there a script out there that allows me to assign the camera to move a couple units down upon pressing a key?. This is for when we duck to go into tunnels.

  5. this is the last one for now - is there a script out there to assign to the players collision sphere that causes the sphere to move up a couple of units then drop back down upon pressing the jump key? as just mentioned this is for jumping.

If i can get these controls implemented than i can post a demo of our game for all to enjoy. If someone who is experienced enough or is starting to learn python and wants to help out it would be really appreciated! you can join us over at www.geocities.com/oifthegame

Thanks all! :wink:

for static lighting you should bake the lighting created with lamps into vertex colors.

well… I hope my .blend is still online, but it should explain well enough there

as for the lighting of the character when in shadows and such you will probably need a python script for that

not that I know of

it isn’t very trivial either [well, depends how picky you are]

that’ isn’t really hard to do even without a script [though it would result in a lot of ipo actuators being linked to in door objects and stuff]

so, this is untested but it would work something like this
you have a near sensor
doors and all other objects your interact key interacts with have a interacttype property
the near sensor detects objects with that property [I guess it could be a radar sensor if you need it directonal]
the python code would check the interacttype property, and if it corresponds to a door, set a timer property on the door to say, a negative value [corresponding to how long after you get away from the door it should close]

the door has a property sensor which would trigger when the timer prop is negative to play the door opening/closing animation [ping pong mode ipo?]

just play an ipo

set a velocity upwards [motion actuator], let the physics calculate the fall

z3ord i want to say thanks for taking the time to right all this but i need extremely simple instructions (like a tut) i can use a link or better posted right here but i don’t get what you are saying. :expressionless: I understand the theory of it all just don’t know one bit how to do it! If you could explain it better that would be much more appreciated! :wink:

well… I do have a bit of time to waste today

well… I do have a bit of time to waste today[/quote]

i am sorry that you feel it a waste of time and seeing you have more important things to do is there any one else who can explain this to me? Please [!]

well… I do have a bit of time to waste today[/quote]

i am sorry that you feel it a waste of time and seeing you have more important things to do is there any one else who can explain this to me? Please [!][/quote]
I am putting a lot of detail into my explination [though argably not enough] and trying to make it possible for other people to learn from it as well

currently I have completed the section on static lighting, and am working on the one on crouching by starting with a 1st person camera setup

btw, what is your 1st person camera setup? [I am going to reccomend that you get rid of it whatever it is]

i downloaded the walkthrough camera setup and then moved teh camera to a more FPS position that so far works great. If i read it right - you are making a webpage with the tut? if so i’ll just have to wait then! can’t wait!!! :wink:

oh btw if you could make a blend just like the walkthrough with no maps or anything just all of the scripts and connections of the keys with the animation properties that would be awsome! you would have to include a text file for how to setup the climbing a ladder function also the opening a door function. If this is already what you are planning - even better! :wink:

I don’t know if I will get to ladder climbing today, but yeah, again, that is the plan

alright thanks that will be great! :smiley:

thanks agian :wink:

no ladder script, and incomplete explinations are frequent here

but anyway, you can’t use your current mouse setup easily because you’d have to add another object which the shoulder object is the child of, and add an ipo to that

don’t worry however, I implemented the following in a blend you can extend to your liking:

opening doors [within a range of them]
crouching [again I mention, this doesn’t make it possible to get under things]
movements [WASD]

and there are a bunch of docs there on static lighting and several example .blend files.

these questions are common enough that many will benefit from looking at it.

oh, and clearly things haven’t been checked for accuracy. to set faces to be sensitive to light, enter face select mode, select the faces you want to be light sensitive, and press light in the paint buttons [now in the edit buttons], then copy draw mode. dynamic lamps must be on the same layer as the meshes they effect

okay, here it is, 1.8Mb

it isnt’ working (yahoo is down right now) but i can’t wait for when it does! thanks a whole heap man (or chicky poo! :stuck_out_tongue: ) i hope this works great! :wink:

appears to be working for me

did you try copying/pasting the link?