Operator panel missing

I’m working on my 1rst 2.5 project. Thing is I must have disabled the Operator panel from Object Tools shelf (the one that alows me to set the numbers of subdivisions for example). This pannel usually states “Toggle Editmode” if in Object Mode.

Starting a new session brings up again that panel but the file has been saved without it.

How can I bring it back?

PS. Don’t bother to explain I could start a new session and append the objects. I want to learn the interface


Press T,
or do you mean that the one section has disseappeared from the Left toolbar?
If thats the case, I’ve had that happen to me in a few blends, I don’t think I really looked into it tho.
It might be that you resized the window, but an alternative if you don’t fix it, is to press F6.

In 2.53 beta I can hover my mouse over the menu bar for the 3d window and drag the menu bar downwards and out of sight. Now, in the lower right corner of the 3d window there will be two ‘+’ signs with circles around them. Of the two ‘+’ signs, the one on the left will open the operators panel, the one of the right will bring back the menu bar. Oh, and the tool shelf has to be open…


Okay, the F6 key didn’t work. I also read somewhere this shoud do the trick but I only get a “Toggle Editmode” pop-up.

However revolt_randy gave me the hint that really got me out of this.
so, for everybody out there wandering let me say that again:

On the 3D window on the right I found a little + sign in a circle. Press that!

Thank you guys!

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hello! Thanks for the tip. However, the + signs are not available. How do I enable them or find my operator panel?

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I also have this problem but only in the graphicall download of the 2.57.1 32bit cycles cpu only build. So the “T” menu does work but when i say create a basic circle i dont have the operators section which gives me the ability to change how many segments… this is important, anyone have any other suggestions? thanks

I found it! It’s in the View menu and Tool Properties.

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hooray! thanks so much

Welcome! :slight_smile:

In 2.79 I cannot find the + sign to open the “operator panel”. Pressing T or N does not help. Pressing F6 brings up a popup menu with “delete” in it.