operators to blenderchat?

I just though, that even though #blenderchat is the “chatroom” of blender community, it still is mentioned as the main blender irc channel, imo. And even though it does have people that have the capability to get ops, it’s seldom used to other functions than changing the topic.
Imo, sometimes there are people who misbehave considerably badly,
and I think there should be somebody as the op to warn them and kick or even ban their butts if needed.

The person who would be the op, should be somebody with reason. Yes, it’s the chatroom and a lot of “nonsense” is talked, but still it doesnt mean it’s a free for all deathmatch yard or an oral wastedump. That’s was exaggaration.

If I could choose, I would doom ztonzy for the job or perhaps jsplifer.
Anyway. I’ve had the need to kick some people out sometimes for reasons. And because I speak a lot of nonsense (ninja barbie, british tea time stuff etc.), I am probably not the right guy for the job. But I have reason in me, anyway.

Well anyway, you can vote about whether to turn blenderchat into a place of sheer terror and doubt about one’s behaviour under the eyes of the beholding operator who has the power to take down the pride of the wicked.

Well, do you have anything to say about this?

There are also,
blenderqa = blender questions answering service
blendercoders = blender coding and silence
gameblender = blender games related channel
and probably some other channels too I dont know of.


Uhm. We already exist. We seldom do other things than changing the topic because it’s generally a pretty nice place that doesn’t require us to do anything else. I try to deal with any problems if I’m there.

You do that. 8) It’s just that you’re quite absent in blenderchat, unless somebody calls for you.

Hos, goofster, WeirdHat, among others are ops.

Please read freenode’s rules on being an operator. BlenderChat ops follow them nicely.

Use channel operator privileges sparingly. Each time you use them you raise the channel temperature. Users will be pleased with you, angry at you, frustrated that you used them inappropriately, envious that you have control over the discussion. None of these reactions may be conscious on the part of other users, but all of them increase the channel temperature.

I think its good that ops in #blenderchat keep their @ status off, as it adds a more even and friendly feel to the room. In a lot of IRC rooms it appears that ops feel like they are above everyone else. I have noticed this is chat rooms belonging to other 3d software.

However, I think that an op that is easily reachable, and is willing to accept requests for reprimanding and issuing warnings would be a great idea. I’m only currently aware of 2 ops, and only know how to reach one of them. Perhaps all the current ops can get together and sort somthing out?

well it’s really nice as it is… no one is perticulary anoying and if there is - he is… that’s what ban lists are for. Except for a small incident that occured in this week (the one when somone threated upgradman) - I don’t recall somthing very bad… and that last incident was actually very funny. so my answer is - no. :slight_smile:

mo, sometimes there are people who misbehave considerably badly,

hmm, :-? , unfortunately not when I was there–bummer–might have been a good laugh. 8)

and I think there should be somebody as the op to warn them and kick or even ban their butts if needed.

you could open up your own channel at #blender_sunday_school

once you open the channel you are the op and kick everybody out as soon as they “misbehave”
Topic: did you wash your hands properly? or :
Topic: whatch your language little fellow or I ll give you a smack

normaly there is only blender-relatet talk …and somtimes lets get nasty and have a laugh or two…wtf! who cares? lets tease and have fun, while yafray is doing the first pass! it might not be “PC”, but…so what!
who gives a f? [!] [!] :Z :wink:

Yeah, birras… right.
I dont think you’ve been enough in the blenderchat to claim anything.
I haven’t seen you there much. And I’m there every day.

dont think you’ve been enough in the blenderchat to claim anything.

I didnt know there was a: you have to be in the chat so much time before you have the right to express your opinion rule.

Well you can add that rule to your chatroom at #blender_sunday_school

We might just not coincide :wink:

just take it easy O.K.? 8)

Humm…check your logs from yesterday – Several people who I had generally considered to be ok people turned out to be total pricks – They were posting links to websites containing the recent execution of US hostages in Iraq. This was without question the most brutal thing I have seen in years, and is not the kind of thing I want to see when I go somewhere to discuss Blender.

I also think the guidelines need to be revised concerning this. Warez and porn are small potatoes compared to what I saw last night.

[10:33:05 PM] <d0oGs> watch the beheading www.michaelsavage.com

Is this what you mean? He pretty clearly said what it was, you didn’t have to look at it. I know I wouldn’t click that link if I had been there.

I think #blenderchat is good as it is. People who have been there for a while (like me) know what to do and what not. Besides, there is always at least one of the operators in there (ready to kick/ban whoever floods the channel or whoever talks bad about Seamuncle :P).

Blenderchat is not strictly Blender-Chat. Any subjects can be brought up (except warez and porn…).

Of course, you can always create your own channel with your own specific rules and not go into #blenderchat.

And what WeirdHat just said is true. Even though d0oGs’ explanation is short, it should warn people so they can decide whether to click the link or not. If you clicked it after reading what it was about, you shouldn’t go shouting “ban d0oGs, ban him!!!” because you had been warned and you chose to go to that site.

I was there for the d0ogs incident. If you read the full log of what was said it might change your mind.

Or just put him on ignore like pretty much everyone does…


could we change the topic? talk like a pirate day was sunday

Yeah, Im aware of the fact that that I didn’t have to click on the link, but the funny thing about us humans is that we have an insatiable curiosity, and once the link was posted a lot of us who otherwise wouldn’t go looking for crap like that viewed the beheading in all it’s grisly glory.

I wasn’t the only one who’s curiosity got the better of him and I wasn’t the only one who got seriously pissed off by what he saw.

Seems to me that you have certain individuals who continually break the rules, insult people and generally act like spoiled 5 year old brats who’s only source of amusement is to annoy others and bring the level of conversation right down to gutter level, – Whats more is the fact that they have been doing it for years, and nobody seems bothered enough to do something about it.

As I said, the rules need to be changed, and something needs to be done to prevent our channel from truly sinking into the gutter, because as it stands now this is not allowed:

[edited by moderator due to improper content]

Im sorry, but this defies all logic.

yes the current topic is much better thanks weirdhat

ok, this is precisely what Im talking about. The mods here do their job well and make sure to remove anything offensive – why aren’t the same principals applied to #blenderchat?

My point was not allowing people to post links to warez and porn whilst freely allowing them to post links to things that are much more offensive makes not an iota of sense.

well, that’s blenderchat these days…

I try to stay away from it.


There we hear it (mostly my nonsenses fault in basse’s case :wink: ).
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