Opinion about interior

Hello guys,
This is my first “better” a bit conceptual interior render and now i would like some critiques and advices, should i add more things, does oversized curtains makes any sense, whats with lighting, does it look realistic enough, can I improve realism somehow…?

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Your lighting is a bit flat. I see you have some shadows but having darker harsher shadows may bring some more depth to the scene. Also bring some color into the lighting maybe. Overall I say bring some more contrast into your scene.

Will try that, tyvm

Hello there! My 3D render teacher always says that the secret of a good render is that nothing is that perfect. The imperfections make the realism, and that floor looks like I can eat on it. Make it a little more “dirty”, maybe. I love that wall and I love the fabric texture, looks so on point.

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Thank you, will make it dirty