Opinion AMD RX 580 and AMD RX 5700 XT

The Rx 580 is pretty old but in some benchmarks it seems it still can hold its weight against the Rx 5700 xt. To me it seems that the 5700 xt is more targeted for gaming than computing / openCL.

Anybody here has some experience with those cards? I am considering buying them for our lab to test. I want to prevent buying testing and then returning it as this always sucks for the seller.

I think the RX580 is more mature driver wise, you wouldn’t encounter many issues with it and its efficiency with opencl compatible applications is still GTX 1070/1080 Cuda level of performance.

Plus it’s way more cheaper, but the perf/watts ratio is bad.

IMO with the next gen consoles and the generalization of their technology (real-time raytracing…) into the gaming industry (which will eventually make its way into the DCC world), it’s useless to invest into the current gen RX5000 or RTX2000 as they will probably perform poorly with those advanced features (because they are still first gen products).

So my vote goes for RX 580.

Yeah I was thinking the same - getting two Rx 580 for the moment and then when the raytracing hardware is there then to upgrade again.

The 580 is in deep pretty cheap now.

Here is a comparison and it seems the 5700 xt is pretty strong

5700XT is almost twice as fast as the RX580 in Cycles, not too shabby. Where I live, prices reflect that too - one 5700XT costs as much as two RX580.

I’d go for the 5700XT. It’s RDNA architecture is two generations ahead of the RX 580’s GCN4, and I’d expect it to see driver and software support for longer than the other.

But that’s just me looking at their paper specs - I haven’t used either in person.


I think AMD have a big navi thing in the making. It should be fast but I don’t know if it will be fast in rendering.

Thats the thing - I read a lot about the cards being good for gaming mainly.

fortunately I just have research funds to spend and both cards are not that outrages.
The 5700 XT is just double.

Both the RX 580 and the RX 5700 are gaming cards. The RX 5700 is simply a newer generation, it’s the better card, as the prices reflect. If you want to discuss “compute” oriented cards we should look towards the Radeon Instinct cards instead.

The GPU chips themselves are basically the same as the gaming variants, it’s more the firmware, drivers and amount of memory that’s different, sometimes some things get lasered off, like a few of the compute core clusters(Radeon VII vs Instinct MI50) or such, when it comes to the gaming cards though.

But since you are comparing different generations of gaming cards that is frankly irrelevant here.

Honestly it just comes down to price, if the two RX 580 are noticably cheaper as an investment, go that route. Otherwise you might as well go with the single RX 5700 since there are slight inefficiencies to a multi card setup.

Also be wary and warned that theres a couple of RX 580 variants that have less cores and are actually essentially RX570’s with double the memory.

I know that they are gaming cards. Because of cloud rendering render time is less of an issue today either via RenderStreet or our university GRID.

It is also an older macPro so the power supply is one aspect to keep in mind. However most of what I will use is Blender eeVee and DaVinci Resolve.

Thank you for the note about the 580 cards. I did not know that.

What is your guys opinion about GPUs with a single fan and double / triple fan.
Obviously more fans seem logically work better but I noticed that many of the AMD cards sold by AMD gaming as well as workstation all have an enclosure and a single fan.

Do you have a preference or experience? Does it matter?

Depends on which kind of fan - many workstation cards (and a few reference designs) use single “blower” style fans, which push the hot air directly out of the case. The other fan style, the one that you see with multi-fan GPUs, rely on case fans to push the heat out of the case.


Personally, in an older Mac Pro I’d go for blower style. I don’t think that the old Mac Pro case fans were designed with the heat output from modern GPUs in mind.

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No they were not! The PCI heat sensor often triggers the pci fan to spin up when using two GPUs and rendering.

Thank you for the post - I did not know the difference. This is well explained there.

Get the 5700 over the 580 any day.

Yes rendering on 2 580 is about same as single 5700xt, but viewport performance wont get that boost, and if you all of the sudden want to play with Eevee, then you are stuck to single GPU as multi GPU is not properly supported, and might not be as easy since this is escentially crossfire/sli type configuation that requires some developement form the dev team.

I have vega64, which is on par for most to the 5700xt and sometimes closer to regular 5700, and it is easly faster in viewport over my odlder dual 480 setup.

Also chekc out below for a good comparison

Yeah I think the 5700 XT it is.

Not an XT but a 5700, made by Saphire. Latest driver from AMD. I’ll be returning it. When rendering with blender it keeps crashing. I have two monitors connected to it and they both go black. I’ve had a separate fluid simulation running and can tell that it’s busy because the case is still open and I can hear the cpu fan speeding up and slowing down. When the system crashes with the black screens the fan stays at whatever speed it was at.

Autsch - that’s not comforting

And just now the system hung while I was playing a video. I use the Gom video player. Oh well, the 1070 is back in the system and things are working again.

I thought blender could render with both an Nvidia card and an AMD card, at the same time. But maybe I’m confused. With both the 5700 and the 1070 in the system blender wouldn’t start and complained about needing an OpenGL card (I think that’s what it wanted). When I took out the 1070 then blender started.

Looks like the 5700 has driver issues


Which version of Blender is crashing for you?

Generally I feel that Blender is not working on fixing OpenCL issues as hard as Nvidia issues. After 2.80, there is a near 30% render slowdown. They seem to know what the bug is (somethign to do with noise shader) but 2.81a nothign, 2.82 beta, nothing… :frowning:

I’m starting to have some concerns aroudn AMD and Blender… :frowning:

My CPU is faster than my amd GPU. It’s really bad, also, if you combine cpu and gpu the speed increase is 10% as the tile cant be too big. AMD is worthless with Blender. nVidia 970 is what… 200% faster maybe than amd 390. They were released at the same time at the same price.

Well I will try the 5700 xt and then see but I agree that openCL seems not get out of the garage.