opinions on the blender Gamekit download

Hey Y’all i just ordered the game kit downloadable book from the blender e-shop. I am kined of disapointed i have to wait a week before they let me download but whatever. any way i was wondering if you guys think this is a good book to learn how to use the blender game engine? The version of blender used in the book is diffrent from the one i am curently using. Would it be better to download the version from the book or will it still be a valuable sorce for the curent version?

Well, I don’t have the book, but I think at least the logic system has stayed more or less the same. Physics have propably changed the most with the introduction of Bullet physics engine and then there’s the new material system (but you can still use old physics engine and material system if you want to).

I learned from the tutorials and demos that others did before me, and then I made some tutorials and demos myself. -> And I learned even more that way.

It’s probably still useful though…although I will never know, because I refuse to pay a cent for something so horribly outdated.

I thought it was really useful for filling in all the gaps in my knowledge. worth the 8 euros or what ever it was. But a week to download! something wrong

I have the book, but not the cd. The book has a complete reference to all python things and logic bricks.

Does someone know where I can get the accompaning files??

I asked another member about this recently, He said it helped him a lot even if it was old.

When I started, I wanted to buy it, but was told to wait because the the new one would be coming out soon. That was in January this year.

Maybe the week wait is for the new version? Wouldnt that be nice?

lol nope no new version, I have to wait a week for my purchase to be processed on paypal … never had this issue before but thats what the blender folks said so i check my email every hour or two hopeing they send me permision to download it sooner.