opinions on the london 2012 logo?


Need I say more?

It has no redeeming qualities, artistic or practical.

Check this out though, hahahaha:

It certainly is different. I think it will be remembered for that.

It reminds me of the 1980’s when colours were bright & bold.


The guy on the right with the yellow t-shirt. And the 1980’s tv shows at that time too.

Or is it just me?

Bahahahahaha. I’m so glad i don’t live in London. I wonder what the official jump suits will look like :smiley:

The goatse version is hilarious, whoever got that live on air is a legend!

Not too bad imo. I kinda like it. Will the medals look like this too?

I figure most Olympic logos (and mascots) are designed by commitee -and that’s seldom a good thing. Remember that ugly freaky-looking Izzy mascot for the Atlanta games? What were those people thinking???

I want to know who made it, how much they got paid and why the hell they got paid.

well… i like it.
it’s like those tangram games.
it’s text, but at the same time works only as graphics.
it also gets better the bigger it’s printed.


I think that one guy was right, it’s looking like two drunks one holding the other up.
Seems like little people really like it. and some of those alternates look way cooler.

i can’t say anything bad - we had to live with Izzy aka Whatsit? http://www.imcmascots.com/mascot-pages/olympics-mascots-izzy.htm

It reminds me a bit of the “austin powers” style with a bit of graffiti style in it. I don’t think it’s that bad imo… It’s quite different though, comparing to some other more stylish/artistic logos. The site is a bit odd for a “official” olympics site, though ;).

I read a post on an email list saying it looked like Lisa Simpson giving a blow job.

haha… too funny
those crazy brits

I worry that I’ll cut myself on it.

I heard say that it looks like a London pavement at three in the morning. Everybodies vomit adds a different colour. Not very complimentary(understatement).

I think it’s horrible.

I think it’s a semi-decent if misguided design, but for the olympics it’s terrible. The olympics are a big deal, and should be viewed with a certain reverence in my opinion, and this design would be more at home on a bag of nachos. I think it’s disrespectful to the athletes involved.

Now, now kids… olympics are also about tolerance.

I’d not have recognized it as a logo, if you didn’t tell me. Which is bad, I think…

Honestly, it is plain ugly and the colors don’t help it either. Yeah, british people might have a weird humor sometimes but they can’t find that funny, right?

Isn’t 2012 the year the world is supposed to end? Maybe they can just NOT have a logo and save some money.

the equivalent of ~$721k USD if i remember correctly