Opinions please, Blender in schools for VR development. Unity or Unreal?

Here is a web based AR suite that you can upload your models too with or without animations it’s device agnostic and you can demo it yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ojb96tYqWIU

Here is the website

A couple other free and open source options to consider beyond Armory engine are UPBGE and Godot Engine. I personally lean more toward Godot Engine myself, as it’s a fair bit like Unity in many ways, supports all three main PC platforms (Linux, Mac, and Windows), as well as Android, iOS, and HTML5 export. Honestly tho, any of the open source engine options would be ideal for education. I’d just suggest as at least one other comment in this thread said, to teach the one which you are most familiar with, or which makes the most sense to you.

This Asset Creation Toolset for Blender supports Unity and Unreal as target engines