Opinions please on portait work for begginer

I’ve just found out about the existence of Blender and would like some opinions on how suitable it would be for what I would like to use it for.

I’m not asking you how to use it, I don’t have a copy yet and I notice there are loads of links for tutorials around the place. ( I’m not sure yet which of the Linux compatable versions is most suitable for Mandriva or Xandros, depending on which computer I’m using)

I am an artist and one of my online galleries is for selling RPG portraits and I am looking for a program in which I could do some 3d modelling of characters. Some of the artists in communities I subscribe to use various commercial programs (not sure if I can quote names here) they like but I don’t currently have cash to spend on expensive packages and I need something Linux compatable. I would need something with file formats I could then later work on with the GIMP.

Also what are the finished file sizes like? I need to be able to produce an image size of a minimum of 2550 by 3600 pixels for a small print, can I export images of models at that size or larger (when I get my new computer I would love to be able to do A3 or A2 prints at 300ppi)?

I can read the manuals and learn to drive the program but before I start do you think this would be suitable for me?

Blender is Linux comatible completely.
All blender renders can be opened in GIMP, apart from animations. (i think)
you can make images any size you like.

Sounds like I should definately give it a go!

Go for it!

I never even gave 3D art a thought until a friend of mine showed me Blender. Also with such a thriving, friendly and helpful community you can’t really go wrong.

Just out of curiousity, where can i see some of your previous work?

Take a look…

Using sculpt mode, still in cvs

You can see some of my work in these places

obviously no 3d work yet.

Looks like we were posting at the same time,

Yes that is very much the kind of thing I would like to learn how to do,

That would be a very accomplished artwork in any medium and certainly gives me something to aspire to.

I think the question is not if Blender is right for you…but if 3D in general is. But to answer that, it is obviously necessary to try it :slight_smile:

Modeling wise Blender will give you most of the stuff you really need, besides maybe a few highly specialised functions you may find in other apps (well, we don’t want to mention the Bevel tool here, though…which isn’t that crucial in character modelling anyway). Rendering will work out for sure, seeing all the external rendering engines available now. One will surely be good enough for the job you’re doing (but don’t forget the internal one!).
I’d say Blender is a great opportunity to start out and see how you’re doing.