OPPOSE THOSE THUMBS! not yet happy

Hi - I posted Oppose Those Thumbs recently, but I’m not happy with it. Here’s what I plan with it - (subject to me getting time…)

  1. Live scratching (a friend rather than myself) on the soundtrack
  2. Softbody clothing: - I’m not sure how to do this with the fastening at the front - any ideas?
  3. Disco lighting - I need to change the light in some way to reduce render times - it’s currently running at 2.5 mins per frame, so I figure there must be something cool yet render-time friendly - any ideas?
  4. Remove SSS? I figure that’ll make it look mare aardman, and reduce render times.
  5. fur on the rat
  6. animation on the rat - it’s kind of the point that the rat does apsolutely nothing, but that doesn’t meen being completely stationary.
  7. add ears on teh scientist

Any sugestions on how to do these? or more things I should do or not bother with?

its not a bad concept - It makes me giggle. My 2 cents would be-
-You may want to vary the motions the scientist does, change it up a little.
-the “oppose those thumbs” vocal needs to be synced better with the beat - the track also sounds a little muddy- maybe the synth/sample you’re using for the bassline or your reverb on the drums? It could just be the compression for the web plug-in.

  • I think the punchline could be better other than giving the crab the bird, that’s just me though.