Oppose Those Thumbs!


A short film about how great the human hand is.](http://www.aniboom.com/Player.aspx?v=26609)

LOL that was really really really weird…
good animation
hilarious ending :stuck_out_tongue:
4 stars :smiley:

well done YogYog. I really enjoyed this animation. 4 stars from me too :slight_smile:

The scientist guy is a great characature. Without spoiling the ending, I think you need to work a little more on the animation of the hands at the very end ;)… and maybe get the little mouse to do something?

Thats some crazy stuff! makes me think of the muppets:)


classic example of uncanny valley…music choice was pretty poor->too repetetive.

However, I see potential here. I bet if you put more time and effort into your work you could produce a great animation!

IMO this is NOT worthy of 4 stars as some posters have said, but i’m pretty critical and expect others to be the same…

…and the weirdness-oscar goes to… - argh, no, almost missed it. weirdhat is just unbeatable (http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=98348). but i love it! well okay, the lightning could be better, some details could be improved, but - great animation, funny story. hilarious!

the muppet-like effect might be because I animated the dance-sequence by using the record-mouse-movements options in the curve menu. First I recorded hip movement by moving the mouse in real time, then the sholders, then the hands.

I know what you guy mean about it now being quite finneshed, but it took - like over 60 hours to render.:frowning: The light flickering is cos it’s rendered half on mac, half pc, and the colours are slightly different.

strangely entertaining and plain strange