Opposite of CTRL-R

In Edit mode, CTRL-R (loop subdivide) saves me heaps of time when I go around tidying up a mesh, adding rows of squares all at a time before smothing things out and erasing occasional edges to make the flow lines meet nicely.

…but what I really want now is the opposite. Whereas CTRL-R adds a line of edges all the way down / around a mesh, I want something that I can point to a loop of edges and delete the whole line. Preferably, it would patch up any resulting gaps by reconnecting vertices along the way. It would be cool (not essential) if the function higlighted where it was going to cut beforehand, like the CTRL-R one does.

Makes good sense, and would save me a lot of time right now as I’m making certain models lower polly by deleting rows of edges one vertice at a time. :frowning: Does this feature exist in blender?

I don’t think it exists. Merging the vertices by hand is the only way to go, that
I know of. There could be a better way, and I might just have overlooked it.


It does exist :slight_smile:

Select the edgeloop you just created/you want to get rid of. (alt-RmB)

Then press X, and Erase–>Edgeloop

That should do it.


Cool!!! It even tidies up the end vertice-thingamibobs!

ALT-RMB had some function of my Window Manager getting in the way (gnome) but I can still select a line one by one with CTRL-RMB.

Right there in front of me all the time, but so glad I asked… thanks very much!

Ah - and for speed - holding SHIFT-ALT down while right clicking on an edge, does select the entire edge loop without my window manager getting in the way.

OMG! your guys totaly rock!

I have been deleteing the verticys, and manualy patching in the faces in edge mode .

this just saved me lots of time! thanks you everyone!

hey svenniemannie, thanks!