i dont remember when i started thinking about this but it has bugged me for a long time, now im not sure if im just not grasping something here and thats why im asking so here goes

if everything became exactly opposite wouldnt it be exactly the same, like if exsitence became nothingness, then wouldnt nothingness become exsistence, same with black and white, up and down, backwards and forwards and so on


…wow…thanls for clearing it all up, man do i feel better

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and to answer your question, no.

Sorry man, I couldn’t help myself- You did this long thing about the abstractness of “Opposite”, so a one word answer seemed appropriate…

Anyways, no hard feelings, I thought you have a lighter sense of humor on the subject…

About my answer: It’s still no- things are opposite once, so they therefore cannot cancel themselves out…

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IAmTehNoob and Destray must be the same person.

Why on earth would you say that?

Makes sence but there one draw back.

Who cares? Everything would be the same…

For example if Black was white and White was black then the names of these tones would be opposite as well. So then you would have Black is black and White is white.

if nothing became something and something became nothing, space would suddenly be full of matter, while the planets & stars wouldnt exist anymore. so no.

Make a Blender animation of it, maybe a short film, thats the way to make people beleive =)

Maybe not trying to incite pseudo-intellectual discussions that something you can’t grasp (according to your own assumption) and instead discussing things that are interesting and important will get you more of the kind of attention you want.

Oppisits depends on the human perception, thus human understanding, thus the human brain, thus ultimately their will be a different understanding of what oppisit is for different people.

It is very obvious that the oppisit of black is white. What is the oppisit of a gasious form? Is it a liquid or is it a solid?
What is the oppisit of foam? Is it mist? Foam is air in liquid, mist is liquid in air. But that is just a play of words.

To end this: Take the amorfous form, what is the oppisite of the amorfous form? The form of an apple? A gun? There you have an infinite possibility. The answer seems to diverge : one X could have different (or infinite) oppisite Y outcomes. So no, nothing will be the same.

But I have a better one: What if everything in existance is in a state of synchronous vibration. Like what would you perceive if everything shrinks 20 times and then expands 500 times all together at once (including entrophy). You wouldn’t notice nothing. Maybe dejavu, Clairvoyance, ‘ghosts’ etc etc are examples that some things temporaly fail to oscillate in sync with the rest of existance thus exposing themselves.

Sago never gets laid < > Sago always gets laid

Nope, doesn’t look the same to me.

On the other hand:

Sago never gets laid, but Sago would like to get laid < > Sago always gets laid, but Sago doesn’t like to get laid.

Both would result in an unhappy Sago…

… but in a opposite world wouldn’t unhappy be a good feeling?

Wow… freaky

If black was white, up was down, red is blue, and so on and so on. I’d find a reason why the heck things started being so screwed up.

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