This took a total of twelve hours to complete. Both Blender and Photoshop (for fixing and tweaking!)
An older version: http://bp2.blogger.com/_SyohhZzp7Rs/Rgx1XTErq8I/AAAAAAAAABA/aDvEN1wCcJI/s400/opposites.jpg

Nice work! Very well done… The only thing I think you should change is to upload a BIGGER picture. Nice one, dude!:yes:

i agree, it looks very nice, good concept too, but really can’t see any details at that size. how big is the original image? looks like it would make a cool poster.

thanks guys. Appreciate it. But click on the images to get a bigger view. I did it huge, and I am soon to print it out at my school.

Hey this is cool, what is done in Blender and what is done with Photoshop?
I like the idea and the style, this is great. 4 Stars.