Opps... my bad lol

(BlenderBob) #1

HA! some of those types are the same and some which i thought were the same arnt!

Anywho… Yes i did manage to hit the max on choices! (<- that one’s for you Kibby), and sorry i missed out on pop :-? (god forbid) and any other music type out there… and that there were no multiple choices (<- another for Kibby) :smiley:


(BlenderBob) #2

Ha! I thought i was replying to http://www.elysiun.com/viewtopic.php?t=2536
so if any kind admin see this plee send thee to thyn question… i think…

(Green) #3

im allways scared im going to push post topic button instead of post reply button :slight_smile:

I dont think the post topic button should be there if you are inside a topic