Optical Flare Compositing Node For Blender Compositor

We have created a new node for Optical Flare in Blender Compositor.


This looks cool, can’t wait to give it a try!

Please let me know your feedback! Thanks!

Looks nice, with a lot of flexibility.

Thanks. Let me know your feedback please.

The concept is awesome, but since it seems to use the same textures as the GlFlares kit, it has the same issue: many of those textures are “clipped” (parts of the flare clip to white within the texture) and don’t look good when unless blended on bright enough that the flare really would clip. They’re impossible to use subtly in many cases. When testing this addon, I frequently had to open up the node group and disable the “core” section because it just looked cheap added on footage at 1% opacity or so.

It’s a lot easier to use than GLFlares though, I’ll give it that. And opening up the node groups, I’m really impressed you implemented all of that right in the node editor.

Thanks for the feedback…I will check them and probably edit the textures for proper use. Can you please send me a still background image where I can check them? Thanks again!

Thank you for your fantastic work!
These are beautiful nodes, they give great results and juiciness to the renderers!

I have a question - is there any way to get a connection like this?