Optical Illusions

I saw ripsting’s post, and thought it would be cool to see some of the optical illusions out there, post some of the “cross eye’d” ones, the ones that turn three-D, now those are cool!

okay…open google…type “magic eye illusions”… get results…


…now that was easy wasn’t it?

I wrote a sequence plugin that makes those 3d thingies in blender!


talking about stereograms, just a silly ideas, but if you made an animation with them, would you see the animate stereogram effect or would it break it?

worth a try.


It works amazingly well!

You have to use a different pattern for each one, otherwise you get weird artefacts.

I was working on a way to get a threed thing… but I’m having difficulty, and I’m trying to figure out how to get this to work also…


I HAVE to try this!


quick animations made w/ my plugin:


the problem with animations is they still need to be rendered big for the effect to work, and they compress really badly, because they are, after all, just random dots. The bad one compresses better because most of it is the same from frame to frame, but that makes it look crap.

You must either explain HOW THE HECK! does this work? or either give me the .blend!

I just downloaded the plugin from that link I gave you, and discovered it doesn’t seem to work for me either…

I’m not supposed to do this, but you can download my version of it here: http://members.lycos.co.uk/phlipping/temp/Stereogram.dll

I’ve got the free version of M$VC++ which says it’s illegal to distribute the binaries made with it.

anybody know of anything better?

I used that .dll too, but even that didn’t work…

could you please send a .blend?

There are a few plugins you can get for The GIMP to make stereograph images, but I forget what they’re called and where to download them from.

hmm, I found out how to make my 3ds images, you can reply if you want, which would be cool, but it’s up to you…

unfortunately .blends don’t send well with plugins in them - the plugin is an absolute reference - like images, but you can’t pack them.

I’d have to send a blend without the plugin installed, and I assume you can get that far :wink:

wee! I made these, with my old crappy models, this is what I was exporting to 3ds for…

using blender and the gimp you can easily make a stereo pair. for people who don’t know a stereo pair is two pics that look the same, but when you view it like a stereogram it looks 3d, the cool thing about this is that the pic still has all the textures.

To make one just get a scene, then dup 2 camera’s and move both the camera’s parallel to the original, one to the left, the other to the right, render both pic and place them next to each other in the gimp.

if you want an example e-mail me at [email protected]

That works like a charm! :smiley:

there is a great freeware app out there called hidden 3d that makes images really easy to do…