Optimal Radeon graphic card

Hello all :wave:t2:

Recently joining the community and hoping to come back with something to contribute in the future, but right now I’m needing help.

I’m getting serious about learning Blender and really want to go pro, but my current computer is not going to make it in a long term, so I’m thinking on buying a new one that can stay with me a long time fulfilling the optimal requirements of Blender. So I looked at them and choose this iMac:

It seems more than ok, but I found a little catch. When looking more profoundly at the graphic card specs for Blender, there is a part where it says that when it comes to render with Cycles it has higher requirements:


So I need a graphic card with GCN 2 gen or above, and the iMac I chose has the Radeon Pro 5700 XT with 16GB of GDDR6. I looked it up and it is a GCN 1.5.

Si, my question is:

Will be that detail get really significant if I try to do a VR game or a movie? I don’t know how to do neither of this right now, but I need to know if it comes to that the computer I buy will be able to work fluidly.

I hope you can help me :smiley: