Optimal use of cutscenes

Greets fellow blenderheads,
I was wondering about the optimal way to load a cutscene in the BGE.
More specifically, assuming that the cutscene is scene B, I would like to know how exactly to load it while in scene A.
Considering that the cutscene needs to be automatically activated through a near sensor when the avatar approaches an invisible object, I wonder how to best use the scene actuator.
I have managed to get it to work using the scene–>add overlay scene mode to load scene B, playback some audio with instructions, and then return to scene A using the scene–>set scene mode. The problem is that scene A is reloaded and the avatar returns to its initial position in the level. I assumed this would be trivial but apparently it ain’t.
Many thanx in advance.

Use Add Overlay scene to add it, and Remove Scene to remove it. Then you won’t need to switch scenes.

Trivial after all! :0
Many thanx agoose77