Optimise Cycles render

Hi all!

Let me start off by saying that I am actually blown away at how awesome Blender has become. \0/

Now, here’s what I’m struggling with at the moment:

I am currently rendering a glass shatter with quite a shallow depth of field using Cycles.
So, I am getting amazing results in detail and focus blur but…I am struggling to get a ‘degrained’ render particularly in the out of focus shards of glass. My sampling is at 40 = 2500AA and it currently takes about 7 minutes to render a 768x432 frame.

This seems like a pretty average render time considering what I’m rendering, but is there an optimal number in smaples that removes all grain from a render? Is there perhaps another setting I should be adjusting to counter the grain?

I am still quite new to this package so please forgive my ignorance if I have seen a post already discussing this.

Thanks all!

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