Optimised Nvidia drivers for Windows.

(rndrdbrian) #1

Hey all, found these optimised nvidia drivers for windows.

They are optimised for quality, not speed, but they seem to be quite good.


I’m pleased with them, as they give extra screen resolutions too, I’m now running in a less eye straining resolution of 960x720 8)



(Jamesk) #2

I hope they’ve got that one that actually increases the size of your screen as well… I need a 21" to avoid eye strain, me thinks…

(Run-Amok) #3

Thanks for the tip on the drivers…too bad they didn’t work for me as far as blender … but the performance of them on everything else is great…
But if anyone out there has any more links to drivers that will go with NVIDIA video card and windows XP let me know if you don’t mind.
I NEED BLENDER… I have tried the NVIDIA pro tnt and regular tnt…