Optimising the Engine?

I was wondering whether it is possible to do a little hacking, and configure the BGE to take advantage of my PC’s power.

If you compare say, Halo’s stuttery frame rate to the slickness of Battlefield 2142 (the latter also probably has more onscreen/running at the same time), means that the BGE can be compared to the Halo engine.
So… is it possible?

Seeing as the source code is freely available…

Well, Isnt BattleField 2142 an RTS? Ive never played it, but I was under the impression it was.
Also, if not, What kind of physics engine is it using? Halo uses the Havok engine, one of the better ones. I would assume that that would make a considerable difference to a computer.
my 2 cents

I understand where you are coming from, but don’t expect that optimizing an engine is a simple task of modifying a dozen line of code. however, in theory yes, it is possible, but it will take a lot of work. Two major factor need to be considered:

  1. logic brick
  2. graphic engine

logic brick doesn’t seems to be a major problem ever since the integration of bullet2 physics engine and the implementation of a ‘tick’ system. So unless there are tons of logic bricks, blender should run pretty decent. If you need complex expressions, use Python.

graphic engine will get an over-haul very soon, as the old blender opengl rasterizer will be replaced with the much powerful and faster OGRE3d graphic engine. So there is no need to work on the current graphics engine anymore, as it is deprecated.

in short, OGRE will significantly boost BGE performance (current alpha builds shows 200-600% speedup in raw triangle power)


  1. BF 2142 isn’t an RTS, it’s a team based multiplayer tactical FPS.
  2. I believe the devs on Halo created their own physics engine because Havok wasn’t out yet, since it came out with Half-Life 2.

@Dim: Thanks. I actually checked it and Halo 2 had the havoc engine…

Oh, Halo 2, I thought you meant the first one. Sorry, my bad :slight_smile: