Optimising to keep final file size down?

Blender 2.63 on Mac OSX

.I am just getting into games production.

I created a simple test moving a red cube left and right with the arrow keys. When I exported as Game Runtime I end up with a hugh 57Mb file just for this simple action. I presume when I really get going with characters that this will run into many megabytes even gigabytes.

So how can I keep the final file size much lower?

Make a .ZIP

Oh, no, the reason the file-size is so big is mostly because of the necessary dependencies and the size of the actual BlenderPlayer itself. At least on Windows, the player’s around 16 MB, and the Python folder takes up another 10 MB or so (I think). Your actual game would only be the size of the blend file and associated resources, like your textures, sounds, music, and other blend files that you link to, and the file-size from those resources would be added to the runtime for your final distribution file / folder size.

In other words, your game should expand very slowly in size from when you just start. Although, 56 MB sounds a bit high for a ‘blank’ executable. However, I don’t run Mac, so I’m not sure.

If you want to get the file-size lower, you can cut out the parts of the Python distribution that you don’t need (i.e. networking), but I’m not sure how to do that on Mac.

Thanks for your answers guys. I guess it is still a work in progress altho very useable? Looking forward to the Android exporter too.

Guess I can always slim down the poly count too. Altho my test was a simple four sided cube.