Optimism vs. Pessimism

Your take-

Pessimism, or REALISM, is probably the better way to go because of all the bad things that happen in the world- pessimism helps one to be “braced” for it… however, optimism is said, by some fools, to be a great way of keeping healthy etc…

I mean, if optimists were right, I’d enjoy life, but since they’re not, it’s bad to get one’s hopes high and then be disappointed.

Quite seriously, this is a “pressing issue,” (I mean, just as pressing as that issue about vegetarianism vs. “meat-eating”) that should be looked at.

Take a look at me, a pessimist. Many will say that I’m not very agreeable, but what care I of others’ opinions? I’ve got the right idea, because I know that wherever I go, things will be better than when I expect- so, does that make me an undercover optimist? HELL No, lad. I’m just a pessimist for the benefit of being “pleasantly surpised”.

On the downside of that thought, I’m also critical, a perfectionist, and (as deemed by some nutty shrink) depressive. So, what’s all that come down to? Would that suggest that pessimism is somehow related to depressing? No, I think not. I mean, Ben Franklin was a pessimist. If i wanted to go on that track, I could also say that Hitler was a pessimist, but that’s not exactly good for my argument.

So, what am I getting at? I’m trying to say that pessimism is a great way to take your life, if you really want more pleasant suprises than a bunch of let-downs because you think everything’s going to be grand, and then it’s just a giant bullshit rally, exucuse me: a let-down.

Thanks for reading my opinion.

I used to be very optimistic, until I found out there’re no more IT jobs for college grads :frowning: I’m still pessimistic about finding my ideal job, but since being unemployed was the bottom I think I can do better! I still get depress if I think about it.

hmm, I hope for the best, expect the worst and deal with whatever the case actually turns out to be. Somedays I’m more optimistic than others. Everyone deals with life in their own way. :smiley:

I’m pessimistic about this topic 8)

I am a realist. That does not mean I see the things how they are, but means that I try to see them that way.

I try not to make things uglier than they are, but I also avoid to only see the positive things.

whats so bad about this topic?


Is it possible to be a pessi-optimist?

I prefer opti-pessimist, glass is half full ya know.

And I say the glass contains 50% liquid and 50% air :wink:

By the way, the difference between a pessimist and a well-informed optimist is not too big.

I think being optimistic can help people in many ways.
A person wants to make a really cool 3d animation but is unsure of his/her abilities, the pessimist gives up before even starting because they don’t think they’ll even be able to do it at all, wherass the optimist goes ahead and tries, whether or not the optimist finishes doesn’t matter because they have probably learned something in the proccess.

As to pessimism being ralated to depression, every depressed person I know (thats quite a few) is a pessimist.

I’d agree with dreamsgate, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. That way you aren’t necessarily gloomy and depressed, but you aren’t setting yourself up for as much of a letdown if things don’t go your way.


I used to think of myself as a realist until I was old enough to understand that what most of us think is reality is just our point of view of reality. Because if you get two realists together they won’t always agree. So it’s all point of view anyway.

I think anyone who labels themself an optimist or a pessimist is narrow-minded… it depends on the situation, and the ups and downs, that come in life. I am extremely pessimistic about politics. I never expect anything good to come out of it and 99.9% I think I’m right. But there are many things that I am extremely optimistic about, like my future. Always have been, plan to always be. So it depends on the situation I face.

Sometimes the pessimists are right. Sometimes the optimists are right. So I don’t think having one view all the time or the other is particularly healthy, because they are not realistic. Nothing is ever always bad or always good, it’s a mixed bag.

pessimism helps one to be “braced” for it…
I used to think so, but it’s a fool’s quest. Accepting life helps, but that doesn’t necessarily mean taking a negative view of everything. In my experience those who do also miss out on an a LOT of good stuff… because they’re too busy looking for the negative.

however, optimism is said, by some fools, to be a great way of keeping healthy etc…
a positive attitude never hurt anybody. Laughing and smiling and hugging are good for the body, it’s a scientific fact… or REALISM, I guess. Anyway, here we go with the negative attitude, labeling someone as a fool will not help you understand their point of view. Maybe they’re on to something, but you’ll never know.

but what care I of others’ opinions
you obviously do or you wouldn’t be asking for our “take” on the subject.

I’m trying to say that pessimism is a great way to take your life
I think it’s better at alienating people and estranging oneself than being a good way of life. Life is hard enough without people walking around being glum and perfectionistic. If you have a negative attitude you will always see the world in negative terms. You won’t be pleasently suprised when things go well, you’ll be looking for them to go wrong again. You’ll miss out on a lot of good stuff looking for the dirt on the floor.

Anyway, having said that, I don’t much like “optimists” either, because it is irritating to be around someone who refuses to accept the harsh realities of life. Life is hell, no doubt about it, I know that as much as anyone can. But underneath all the bullsh!t life is beautiful.

perfectionism and pessimism don’t have much to do with each other. But then again, I am not a perfectionist.

But I tend, without any bad emotion, to concentrate on the improvable bits of a piece of work. That’s my way of handling things (the already finished parts don’t need attention). Which does not mean I find no end or get sad or whatever.

Something about what you just said reminded me of something that Madonna said about her music… she said “I feel no need to document my happiness” as an explanation for why a lot of her music commented on the struggles of her life.

I can relate to this greatly. I think art has always been a coping mechanism for me… when I am saddened or angered by something is when I tend to get inspired to create something. When I’m having a good day I rarely think of creating, I just enjoy the moment.

I think I’m an optimist with pessimistic tendencies. “The glass is half full, but I’ll still probably spill it.”

I’m an optimist, because I’ve written a book and I think that I’ll be able to sell it. (The cover of the book was produced using blender, by the way! Check it out at www.iuniverse.com search the bookstore for “The Chain” by Clifton A. Cross. Maybe even buy a copy?)

But I’m working two jobs just to keep us from having the house reposessed, sleeping only a few hours a day, not eating regularly. Now they’re cutting hours at my “steady” job. All these make me feel very pessimistic.

Ultimately, I have to believe that all this happens for a reason. You can look at it as impersonal fate, or managed destiny (Providence). Me, I look at it as Providence (Not the NBC TV series, or the city in Rhode Island, mind you.)

Anyway, getting cut on hours means I finally have a chance to check the boards to see what’s going on in the community!

Hmmm. Am I being an optimist or a pessimist when I think pessimistically that I’m going to have my hours majorly cut at work, so optimistically I’ll have more time to work with Blender?

i am a realist and optimist

i REALISED that it would take to lobg to read all the posts , SO I DIDN’T read any of them.

and i am optimistic (i’ll get a job and won’t be a bum)

NA i’m just a LAZYIST

like me


lol :< this is taking over you :Z