Optimization – Lighting my game

HELLO, first time poster, long time lurker.
I’m very new to Blender Game Engine/Development
I’m creating my very first blender game and would like to keep optimization in mind. I baked my texture using Cycles. Saved the image and went to Blender Game. Applied the texture and enabled the Emit shader for that texture so I wouldn’t need a lamp. It got me thinking, would enabling the Emit shader on all my objects slow down performance? :confused:

Many Thanks.

You may bake it fully in cycles and make everything shadeless. This usuallt looks good, but you may still want to have some lights in your game for character and other stuff like that.

Cool, so enabling the Emit shader on the baked texture is a good way to go. Yeah, the plan is to try and make the use of lamps to a minimum. Thanks for the response.

I’d better use shadeless in material tab, bake everything and use the shadeless thing. It will work better. Except some dynamic things that move - they should have real-time materials.

Enabling shadeless rather than emit will help performance.

there is a baked lightmap addon in, resources that allows for both static lamps, and dynamic, without looking funny.

When I do this, this make my texture look diluted :confused:

Do you mean flat and ugly? This is why yo should bake GI, AO and other things in cycles.

Oh okay. Many thanks.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what the workflow/process is in doing this. I understand that there isn’t a “this is the only way” but I looked and still feel like I’m just going around in circles.

The best tutorial I found regarding baking in cycles is from Andrew Price here. I know he doesn’t talk about AO, also this doesn’t feel like a BGE specific process and the like but I do get the results. My question now is could you help point me to the workflow/process for baking that also requires one to enable shadeless and not have it “flat and ugly”

Have a look at my mini tutorial a few years ago:

At that stage cycles wasn’t around, and I was using Multitexture mode, but the process is exactly the same.

Also, check out the lightmapper by PGI

Thank you for the responses. I’m actually shocked that I was able to achieve this, the main problem being I couldn’t wrap my head around this concept/workflow. I took screenshots and wanted to share after trying this out. Side note. What you are viewing in screenshot1 is the player and camera in an elevator with no lamps around. The focus is the elevator panel which is the red box. In screenshot 2 you’ll see the elevator panel and yes I made sure that the martial had Shadless checked. This is starting to make sense.

Thanks again :smiley: