"optimize media" like in davinci resolve

I’m trying to make a music video and i want to know if i could use blender similar to davinci resolve. I’m creating image sequences (1316 frames for this one video clip) and i realized that can barely prefetch the whole clip (i have 8gb of RAM, i know it’s not ideal, at all).

Does anybody know how i should go about doing what I’m trying to do? In davinci resolve i was able to put about a 3 minute video together, and thanks to their “optimize media” option, i was able to edit the video and get smooth playback while editing. I want to use Blender for 100% (without resolve) if possible, but I don’t know how i would optimize the specs in order to be able to do that. I’m already working with 720p footage. I’m not opposed to lowering the quality of the footage down to 480p.

I’m assuming everything here! :laughing:

First off, regarding prefetching the footage, go to Edit > Preferences > System > Sequencer Cache Limit and set that amount to as high as you can go while leaving enough RAM for your system, IMHO 6144MB. I’m assuming you haven’t touched this setting.

At that point you want to generate a proxy for your footage. That’s under the (surprise, surprise!) Proxy & Cache tab in the VSE Properties panel. Again, I’m assuming you’re working in the VSE.

After you get paid for your video, buy more RAM! :laughing: PEACE!

Hey thanks for the reply :slight_smile: two good suggestions! The thing is, I want to camera track multiple layers for my clips (like clips for a music video) and add 2D/3D animation (on top of live action footage). Should i be doing this entire process in blender? or should i be rendering out seperate layers of animation in blender and then put everything together in davinci resolve to colorize?

I’m sort of just looking for a rough outline of the steps I should take in order to put this video together, start to finish. I’m not even sure if i should be editing the clips together (the timing) before doing the vfx or not.

WHOA! You just changed all the cards on the table! I have no idea what you’re trying to achieve in the end. You didn’t even mention tracking nor colorizing in the original post.

In any case, you should always have at least a “guide edit” to work with (a rough edit with the correct timings) otherwise you’re going to be working harder and uselessly. Put together a rough cut in the VSE and decide what needs to get tracked, where the tracking/effects/3D elements need to go and work from there. Then either add your scenes in the VSE and refine, or render out your extra elements and assemble in the VSE. I’m thinking in your case, with 8GB (6GB dedicated to Blender), it might be better to render and assemble. YMMV.

That said, if you’re more comfortable in Resolve, then use Resolve. Good luck!

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thanks a million! that was really what I was wondering :slight_smile:

Would you be able to say a little more about that :flushed: by scenes you mean like video clips or like actual scenes (like what shows up at the top “scenes”, b.c i’m not familiar w. them).

And when you say “render out extra elements”, you’re talking about all the 3D/2D that will go on top of the footage from the video camera (essentially like just putting layers of video on top of each other).

I’m learning how to do all of this for the first time w. blender so, imagine I’m a complete idiot that knows nothing (pretty much the actual case). I really appreciate it :flushed:

i’m editing this comment! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxKKjgL0fxA
this youtube link was similar to what i was looking for