Optimized blender build???

I just went to graphicall.org to try to get an optimized build of blender, and first of all… why don’t they organize that thing??? Anyways, is there an optimized build of 2.49 for 32 bit windows? I don’t want 2.5 yet if it’s unstable. Right now each frame takes ~90 minutes on a scene I’m working on.

I’m sure there are optimised builds for 2.49, but the chances are it is the scene that is the problem. The fastest builds I have seen might reduce render times by 20 - 30% at most, so you are still looking at an hour per frame. Try optimising your scene instead.

20%-30% would be great.

Is it just assumed that every optimized build will reduce render times by 20-30%?

No, it could be as little as 5 - 10%. Also, the more aggressively you optimise, the less stable the build.

It’s rendered a few frames, and it looks like times are down by maybe 50% (!!!)

EDIT: Woa!!! Down by 60%!!! It seems to fluctuate quite a bit. Two nearly identical frames, one rendered in 44 minutes, the next one at 35 minutes. (I say nearly identical. The second frame is slightly different, the camera angle changed but the object is fully in the frame in both frames)

Sounds good…!

on the right side of the column is the icon for the OS…look for the windows logo. there’s two sections, latest/experimental, and optimized.

Yea but there’s all kinds of other weird stuff in there. “Blender-2.49a - trunk bug fixes” what is that???