Optimized Builds

What makes them special?

they are optamised for certain hardware operating system combos. they can be over twice as fast on the same hardware letting you do tice as much in the same time, or just as much in half the time. it’s makes it seem like your computer got upgraded and is twice as good when it comes to blender, only it dosn’t cost you anything.

Programs are usually made to run on a large variety of computers. These programs are coded using text and this text is converted to ones and zeros using a compiler so that it will run on lots of different computers.

But, if you take that text code and use a compiler that makes ones and zeros for your specific computer, the program will run faster on your computer but might not work at all on someone else’s.

The main piece of hardware that will make your optimized program run faster is your CPU. CPUs, aka processors, are like scientific calculators. They have math equations built in. The newer the CPU, the fancier and more efficient the math is.

The next big thing that seems to be on the horizon is that people are using their processors on their graphics cards, called GPUs, to do some of the math too. So, eventually, you will optimize your program for your CPUs and GPUs.


when you download officiel blender version from blender.org
are theses optimise for each system like window or other
or general compilation which are not optimise?