Optimizing 3D Models for games

Hello Everyone. So I decided to make this post to stress out a few points which will not sound pretty to most artists, that 3D games require models with very little detail, very little art i.e low polygon count, low texture resolutions otherwise your game will drag. I made a tutorial on how to optimize a 3d model for games here:


Even though the latest of computers support high poly models, evvery game still has to have an option for weaker machines in the “less details settings”. So does this take away all the art in the game? I think art when it comes to game development has to do with the strategy of the game rather than the contents only?

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Also, I think low-poly can be artistic, too. E.g. original Final Fantasy vii, the polygonal overworld graphics had a funny charm to it. A lot of people are into retro games and the 3D retro-style graphics, too.

I guess this is the one…