Optimizing Blender

What is your preferred environment for optimum Blender performance?

Currently, I run KDE 3.3 with Debian unstable on a Dell Dimension 2350. Does anyone have any recommendations as what’s best for a speedy Blender? It’s embarassing to have to admit that Blender is faster on my NT machine at work than at home.

The CPU difference between 2.4 NT (Work) and 2.0 Linux (Home) is not enough to explain the perfomance increase with Blender.

Help me…I need suggestions as to how I can increase the responsiveness of Blender. What can I do for a speed improvement? I’m already running kernel 2.6.8. Do I need a simple wm such as Xfce or Fluxbox?


whose graphics card do you have?

if it is an nvidia one, there shouldn’t be a difference in performance

otherwise, there WILL be [unless you are running an old version of windows, or have a voodoo card with a new version]

You should give IceWM a try. I had a 525 mhz Pentium III with Mandrake on it. Things ran a good deal faster with IceWM than with KDE 3.1. You do have the appropriate graphics card drivers installed, don’t you?