Optimizing Blender

xp pro
nvidia geforce 5200

My version of Blender is running badly indeed. Looks swanky though. Just updated my drivers but am wondering what this means as I would like to check anyhow. :

To check if you are using hardware accelerated OpenGL drivers try copying the following into a file, loading the file into a text window (with the dash button on the window header), and running with alt+[p]. The output will be on the console.
(instead of copying/pasting to file, saving, loading in blender you may download this)
[LEFT]from Blender.BGL import *
print "GL Vendor ", glGetString(GL_VENDOR)
print “GL Renderer”, glGetString(GL_RENDERER)
print "GL Version ", glGetString(GL_VERSION)


Cheerio Chris

from Blender.BGL import * 
print "GL Vendor ", glGetString(GL_VENDOR) 
print "GL Renderer", glGetString(GL_RENDERER) 
print "GL Version ", glGetString(GL_VERSION)

That part is a Python Script. If you Paste it into a Text Window (with Shft-Ctrl-V) and run it with Alt-P (with your mouse cursor in that text window) the three strings it lists will be printed to the Console window, something like this:

 GL Vendor  Microsoft Corporation
GL Renderer GDI Generic
GL Version  1.1.0

If you paste your results here someone will be able to tell you if OGL is run on software alone or is using hardware. Maybe you could work it out yourself.

Of course, if you share with us what “running badly” means we may be able to get to the bottom of that too?