Optimizing my PC for the BGE

Hi guys, I recently got a new PC and I was wondering if there are any tips or tricks to getting better results in the BGE by optimizing it. I remember people telling other people to ‘disable vsync’ or something like that a while ago, and I was wondering if any of it is relevant to me. I don’t really know a lot about processors or anything like it, so I was wondering if you guys knew any tips that could help me run the BGE smoother. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I have a HP Envy M6 laptop

Here are the specifications from the HP website.

Thanks for any help and sorry if this thread is pointless.

Wow that should run just fine. Does it lag or something?

More like the BGE need to get optimized.

Whoa man, I wish I would have $$ to get such a awesome laptop. You could run my game on it for sure .

I assume your game is pretty cpu intensive (check profiling). It will use one core only and not be faster then on the any other hardware.

I have some benchmark threads in the resource section. You can use it to compare the speed.

Yeah,using one core is really really stupid…maybe soon this will be fixed.

I also have a HP envy m6, but the dual core i3 version. I only got it recently, so haven’t found its limits yet.

I suspect that there are two things causing lag:
-One is that the quad is slightly slower each core, probably 1.8Ghz or so.

  • The other is the poor structure of that file. Its pretty inefficient.

Remember that laptops don’t have nearly the voom of a desktop.

Ok thanks everyone for the comments, appreciate it. :yes:
Monster I will check out that thread later, thanks.
Also @BlenderBGE, I am so glad you said that!

Thank you all.