Optimizing nodes : shader edit


how do I get the tools for organizing the lines that connect between the nodes?

example :
have those dots that organize the link lines?
drag from top of one node to top of another to connect nodes ?
and other resources ?


Shift + Drag Right Click over a line, or press Shift A and choose Re-Route from Layout.

What do you mean? Screenshots would be helpful here.

If you haven’t already, turn on Node Wrangler (Preferences > Add-Ons), which gives you a bunch of node editor functionality

I have no image.

would be :

select 2 nodes and type a shortcuts that connect the two nodes asking which output and input will connect the two nodes?

it’s possible ?


In addition to those, you can use Alt + Right Mouse + Drag from one node to another (with Node Wrangler) to mix two nodes

after adding the dot in the link line, how do I move the dot?

select it and press G :slight_smile:

thanks for listening

Anytime :slight_smile: