Optimus Prime 2.62 demo

Optimus prime 2.62 demo

The model looks amazing but the transformation could be smoother

Thanks man…and ya iv spent all my time modeling and building rigs now im trying to get my animation game up now. Im trying to learn ipos but i dont understand how to use them yet. But im on it. I do have more upto date animations that are better but at 20 min a frame render time it going to be awhile before i get them out.
Thanks for your comments and blend on blend on.

This is a old piece of work I did. It’s a minecraft interpretation of optimus.


Lol…if its prime it dont matter he owns you

Im going to post some stills of my model tomarrow followed by a animation iv been working on.
Blend on

How do you upload images on here.


Really excellent model – obviously the transformation is weak – BUT – Optimus does not hurt the humans!

Ya thanks for your comment…and optimus does what it tell him. Why is the transformation weak the over head shot has to be the weak part. Making optimus prime transform is a very very hard task. But this is why i post thanks.

That’s quite fantastic modeling! However some parts just sort of seem to disappear when he transforms.

Ya in some of the tranformations they do these are some of my old animations. As where the the very first transformation in the video is the newest of all the ones iv posted and its the best one. There are tricks if you will that iv learned that will make it 10 times better. Plus im not very good at animating yet. Im going to post a new one as soon as i get the time to render it out its way better than this one.

I understand the transformation is very difficult – have you ever seen the behind the scene vids of transformers the movie – they used the camera to make the transformations work, when they show how the transformation goes off camera it looks terrible.

Ya it would make you really sad to know the tricks they use. I will watch the video anything to step up and make my prime better. It really means alot to see all the comments to see what others think. So the model is great but the transformation need work. Thanks for the video post daren im watching now

As it is, that animation is awesome!!! It’s just not 100% accurate.

Ya well the reason i post is to get feedback. My animation skills lack hard but im working on it now. Blender is a step by step thing for me i had to learn to model then rig after materials and now animation. And even after editing and all that other stuff i may run into. My logic is after this project i should be able to sit down and do what i want with blender. Iv been nlending for 3 years now and just got to the animation stage of my self training.

After watching some other videos im going to change the whole thing even though i do have about 6 diffrent transformations on just this rig they have to be better. Thanks for all your comments updates going soon.