Optimus Prime Transformation (R2T)

(Robot 2 Truck) A test I made a while ago and posted it on youtube. Took me 2 days for animation and rendering. Tell me what you guys think.


nice. can you give a detailed explanation and blend file?(Please?)

I think some of the blue that is his legs takes a bit to disappear, seems visible too long. Other than that, it looks good. Must have taken some time to come up with that?? What did you use for a guide? An old toy?


Nice but pondered on how you made it transform lol looks really cool!

Why does it seem like a different truck comes out of the ground a replaces the old one? Looks really good though, am curious how you did it.

wow, awesome animation! must have been very complex…

Well I don’t like it. It seems you tried a trick with the camera so we couldn’t see the whole transformation. The blue cabin of the truck seems to come up out of the nowhere. Most of the transformer’s animations I have seen show clearly and fast all the morphing process…that is the art…you tried to hide it!..hmmm I guess that’s not a total transformer…some pieces disappear and some others come up out of the blue.

It is a hard work though but it needs lots of improvement if you want this thing to be called a “transformer”

I like it. My transformer so far just kind of scales down and the alternate form scales out simultaneously. Looks like rubbish in comparison to yours. Nice.

I really liked it it was really cool although the only thing a little obvious to me is that the truck pops out of nowhere and the truck disappear but I guess that’s something that is hard to cover up good job.

Very nice work. the final part of the transformation needs a lil work. it looked brought a completed truck from another layer over the top of the transforming one. i know that’s tricky to do. but looks pretty darn good so far.

Incredible job! Animation just needs to be a little more clean and have less pieces fly over through other piece to transform. Just organize it a bit, and its about perfect!