Optimus Prime WIP

(Fort Max) #1

Thought I might see what you think. (Just on the model, not the scene)

go to:

make sure to cut and paste into browser

(BgDM) #2

Very nicely done. Excellent lighting as well.

Does it transform as well? :wink:


(Darkelfv) #3

cool looking good, I wish I had some more older transformers to model. I would make them fully functional!!

(Fort Max) #4

This one isn’t functional but another one I did was. However I was going for more of the comic book look rather than the toy look (which is sometimes awkward when peices look funny because they have to fit when it transforms)

I’ve actually done about four versions of Optimus, one Fortress Maximus, and Megatron,

Here is a better look at the head since it’s kinda blurry in the first pic


(again cut and paste the link)

(Alltaken) #5

if you are going for the comic book look

have you considered toon shading on it.

i’m not saying it would look good but its an idea that i wouldn’t mind seeing tested.