Option Menu greyed

I have issue with any newly created primitive in 3d view. Very often after adding object I’m not able to edit the object options. Check the screenshots. Options are greyed out. Did anyone had same problem?

You get one shot at those parameters. If you move it, scale it, go into edit mode (or just about anything else), they are gone forever.

yeah, sometimes happens to me, when I work for looong time on a file.

So if close and restart Blender, no problem anymore :slight_smile:

to Blenderallday:
those screen-grabs are after I added the object - i didn’t switch to edit mode

to MmAaXx:
yeah it work for me on the other scene files. Only this specific scene is blocking the options all the time. It must be some issue with addons i have installed…

Reset all settings to factory settings helped.

Uhm uhm, try to append the scene in a new file. Or port the scene via “buffer copy”.