Options menu on the 3d viewport header, missing?

The header of the 3d viewport is, according to the manual divided into 2 lines (?) like this:

I see these two lines collapsed in one and missing the options pull-down menu like this:

Where is it?

Right click on a UI element on the header and go Header -> Show Tool Settings. Alternatively, you can find the same options in the sidebar (the ‘N’ panel), Tool tab, Options panel.

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Strangely, tool settings adds one more line in the header thereby reducing viewport “real estate”, even though there is room for the extra menus in a single line.
Thanks for pointing out that options are available on the side menu!

Not much room, really. Some tools have a lot of options. But I think that design is still being worked on.

I use an UltraWide display 2560px wide and large and clear at 29", so believe me there is room in my Modeling workspace, even with the outliner window open to the right (and often with a slim one to the left) :slight_smile: