Optix Cycles, Viewport Preview Render crashes

This happens more often then not. I mostly use Optix (RTX) with my 8GB 2070 Super on offical 2.82.
I checked the console, and I get this message:

“OptiX CUDA error CUDA_ERROR_ILLEGAL_ADDRESS in cuStreamSynchronize(cuda_stream[thread_index]), line 717
OptiX CUDA error CUDA_ERROR_ILLEGAL_ADDRESS in cuMemcpyDtoH( (char *)mem.host_pointer + offset, (CUdeviceptr)mem.device_pointer + offset, size), line 1970
OptiX CUDA error CUDA_ERROR_ILLEGAL_ADDRESS in cuDevicePrimaryCtxRetain(&cuda_context, cuda_device), line 234
Buffer allocate failed, out of device and host memory”

Last line there, does it mean im out of GPU memory?
It seems odd because when i check the scene, the memory is at around 5 GB.
Is it because Optix is buggy/unstable?

I have the exact same problem in final rendering. It crashes randomly after rendering a couple dozen frames. This didnt happen before a late february windows update. Will roll back the update and post results.

I see, i have no issues with final rendering.

I have rolled back to a Nvidia Studio Driver instead of using the latest geforce game driver see if it makes any difference, so far its going OK, but ive noticed i got this issue mostly with slightly more heavy scenes, will report back if the issue comes back…

So, I reverted back to 441.66 SD drivers which I had been using without problems but it kept crashing.

Uninstalled KB4532693 and has been rendering for 3 days straight on 5 GPUs without problems. It might just be a coincidence but Windows’ history in ruining systems with updates is a thing… I personally had to setup my OS again because it crashed and couldn’t be recovered once while installing this particular update.

It might not be visible at first in the update history, in that case uninstall KB4535996 first.

Ok, interesting, good to keep in mind as a solution if the problem persists.
After I changed to 442.19 Studio drivers, i havent had any issues, but I also have not worked with very heavy files where i usually got my crashes (even though i was within memory limits). Fingers crossed my problem is solved…