Optix denoised cycles won't let me save image?

I don’t get any image output when I chose View> Viewport Render Image when I use cycles with viewport denoise. Is that just how it is or is there a setting I have to adjust?

I just tried and it works fine, I am using an almost factory start-up. What do you have set as a renderer, in Preferences>System?
And your system specs?

I have a i7-8700k with 32G ram, I have a GTX1080, it is not a Optix compatible GPU.
Preference say No Optix compatible GPU, will use CPU. Same message for Open CL.

All I get is a transparent checkerboard if alpha is used and all gray otherwise. No countdown, no stats. In the task manager the Resources for Blender are being utilized but after 10 minutes with nothing appearing I ended the render. I figured maybe I had too complex a scene but I tried rendering the Viewport with the default cube in a black background and pink light comes out 100% gray.

If I don’t have the hardware necessary can I make the viewport full screen without showing any UI controls? At least then I can screen save it perhaps?

When is the last time you updated your drivers? I had specs way dismal that what you are showing and it rendered fine…took for-ever and everything was slow!
Try using either Look-Dev mode or I use EeVee almost exclusively…They are CPU

If you have to… you can expand the 3dview to full screen Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar
and use screen snippet if in windows 10, or if not Printscreen Key and then paste into Paint and save…

What version of Blender and Nvidia drivers are you using? The 1080 should be supported in OptiX mode. It was locked out in some earlier releases due to not having RTX hardware, but that limit was removed after they added the denoiser to Cycles.

My Nvidia drivers are 3 months old so I will update them.
While trying to get the latest I could not find any info on which driver to chose.
gaming or studio
I’ll go with studio and see what happens.

Drivers are from september so I’m updating to the latest studio drivers.

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There isn’t any real difference or anything that will help or hinder Blender, between the Gaming or Studio versions…But does make a bit of a difference if you Game a lot. Gaming helps on …Games…and works just fine in Blender so I didn’t find any need to switch from the Gaming Driver, as I’m using the RTX 2070 Super…

Got the latest Nvidia drivers, Optix is now available to be used with GTX 1080 in preferences.
Still no Viewport Render Image but no matter the F12 renders speed and denoising also has improved with updating my drivers.

Made my renders look like lowest quality jpegs it looked horrible.

Impressive, it takes an image that look grainy and messy and instantly cleans it up.

I appreciate your help and assistance RSEhlers

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