Optix report error " optix backend does not support ambient occlusion and bevel"

Hi. I am getting the specified error in the title. Is there any way I can find the specific material that is causing this report?
Thank you.

Remove the ambient occlusion or the bevel shader from your materials. You can list all the nodes using the Python api.

I am not sure I know how to use the python API. I search node by node and could not find the bevel node or ambient occlusion. If there was a filtering option?

Open the text editor and put these lines in there then press the “play” icon on the text editor menu bar to run the script or just look for run script. You need to have the system console to be open to see the result

import bpy


for m in D.materials:
    if hasattr(m.node_tree, "nodes"):
        for n in m.node_tree.nodes:
            if "occlusion" in n.name.lower() or "bevel" in n.name.lower() :
                print(m, n.name)
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I run the script , but I can not see any outcome.


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Thank you. I am sorry I do not get anything of scripting. I thought my console was the thing open in the screenshot. Thank you ! It worked