OptiX support for Cycles and RTX cards is now avaible!

Doesn’t work on Linux. :frowning: The latest Linux driver is 430.50 and it doesn’t support Optix apparently.

Hi Grimm, is it supported in Octane for Linux?

Cheers, mib

Is there any point of using it if you have a non RTX card like older Pascal cards?
Faster build time/ render startup maybe?

There is no reason to try it with an older card, no.

No, not yet. :confused:

Edited: I got it to work, needed to download the beta version of the driver, now I’m on 435.19 and Blender sees my 2070 for Optix. :smiley:

Hi guys! Just some numbers from budget RTX card:
CPU ryzen 3900x stock, GPU 2060 stock Inno3d, BMW 27 test

CPU only - 2:03.62
GPU CUDA - 1:13.42
CPU+GPU - 0:48.91
GPU Optix - 0:39,26

So, nvidia optix kernel renders two times faster than just cuda, and 3 times faster than best ryzen available. And beats GPU+CPU combo as well.


is there are now features limitation in optix in comparison with cuda? i mean by similarity with this pic…

this picture is EXAMPLE - which features i mean

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Is that outdated with Blender 2.8? I feel like that so bad if use AMD’card on Blender 2.77.

this picture is EXAMPLE - which features i mean

Sorry guy! I thought your pic is about blender 2.8.

From the Cycles Release Notes:

“This does not support all features in the CUDA backend yet. Currently still missing are baking, branched path tracing, ambient occlusion and bevel nodes, using CPU memory, and combined CPU + GPU rendering.”

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Studio Driver - Version: 441.12 got released and now Optix seems to work

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Cool, thanks for the notice.

I hope all Cycles features will soon be supported in Optix, such as the Ambient Occlusion and Bevel node.


cool to give at least a little bit back to this awesome community :slight_smile:

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Now if they would only give us Linux folks a bit more love. Well, at least I can use it.

That is great to read. Do you also work with blender for this?

I am asking because I teach exhibit design and always look for people who use blender for various design projects as an inspirational example for my students.

I do! I’d be happy to share some examples of work done in blender if you’d like.

That would be splendid!

Do you want to chat via Skype after the holidays ?


Just installed an RTX 2080 today and optix is very fast. Hope those missing features are added sooner rather than later. :laughing:

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