OptiX vs. VRam

I’ve been looking at maybe getting a new computer for blender 2.8+, and I need to pick a gpu. I know that lots of VRam is needed to load high-res textures while rendering and working, and I also know that the OptiX backend for Blender can provide serious rendering advantages over normal Cuda/OpenCL. I’m looking at getting either a radeon rx 5700 or an rtx 2060, and at the price point, the decision I must make is this. Do I want the extra 2 gigs of vram from the 5700, or, do I want the OptiX support from the rtx 2060? If you know which would be best, let me know. Thank you, and have a great day!

To me this would be a no brainer. Even lacking 2GB of VRAM, if you already own a Windows system then go NVidia. It is only a difficult decision for people that have already invested (big) in Mac and try to improve performance in Blender or other 3d software.
Mac dropped support for Nvidia and that is how you should treat it. AMD for Mac and NVidia for PC.
Good luck whichever route you take!

Thanks for your feedback! I am in fact looking for a windows system, and I don’t plan on having anything to do with mac, so I will definitely consider the nvidia card further.

I have three 2070 Super Hybrids. I can’t recommend 2070 Super highly enough. They rock. Definitely worth the extra cost over RTX 2060. Plus, 2070 Super (and higher) can use NVLink, which allows you to share VRAM between multiple RTX GPUs, effectively doubling your VRAM.

Then get yourself an E-Cycles license to cut your render times even further, usually in half.

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Just out of curiousity- would you recommend the 2060 super or 2070 (non super) if I were to splurge and spend a little more on a card? I don’t know that I can afford a 2070 super.

OctaneBench is a good tool to help determine what GPU to get in your budget. Pop in different GPUs into field at top, then scroll to bottom to see bench scores for a single GPU of that model. Higher numbers are better in OctaneBench. 2060 Super yields about the same as 2070, with scores at 203 and 204 respectively. 2070 Super gets a score of 219. You will need to decide bro. And I have a buttload of work that I need to start crankin’ on, so good luck Isaiah!

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Thank you!

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