Oracle - scientific visualization (videos) presented by an avatar

We just finished a new BGE project recently.
The complete explanation can be found in my blog:

For a (slightly quirky, sorry) capture of the whole interaction check here:

Some of the techniques used:
lip-sync, cut scenes, multiple videos playing in sync, video + audio in sync, character animation

I like your project a lot! It’s good to see Blender used for noble causes as well.
Minor crits. The oracle and the globe could use a little more geometry since they stand out a bit “edgy” on closer view compared to the other stuff. Now/future videos could be made a little bit longer on the bottom-up camera speed since they have to replay 2-3 times untill the explanation is over. If possible “play-pause-stop” menu should disappear if mouse is not moving to allow full, unobstructed gorgeous underwater view.Also woman’s voice totally does not sound like the image. They don’t fit together somehow. I cannot explain why , but that’s my feeling as a viewer.
I wish you best of luck in your work! Our humble planet really needs more attention.

Nice! First off, great job on the lip sync! Alot of people can’t get it that well. The underwater environment is really cool, and even close to realism, you did a great job. I also like the idea of this project. Well done. :slight_smile: