Here is my last blend. Not so proud of it. I could easily improve it, but I’m tired working on it.

Don’t click here or you’ll see it full size :wink:

Done with blender + a few touch up in photoshop.


PS: I hate to feel my imagination bound by my poor capabilities. “Render your imagination”… My @ss!

Very nice. I’m fond of your stuff.

A few crits.

  1. The water doesn’t look right, but I think it might just be the way that the camera angle is interacting with the lines on the columns in the reflections. It looks odd, and somehow sharp, and wrong. Almost there, though.

  2. On the columns that are farther away from the camera, the depth of the lines seems to disappear. The column right next to the camera, as well as the first one on the left, has very definitave lines that go into the column, but the others do not seem to. If they’re there, perhaps that could be remedied with different lighting, or even a GI solution.

  3. Looking back to the water. I think it quite needs a displacement map that works on a smaller scale and breaks up the reflection more, and some fresnel perhaps as well. A little transparency would be neat. There is a good tutorial around here somewhere on making water that I think you could benefit from.

  4. The DoF effect is a WEE bit intense. You’re using Photoshop, so if you’re not doing that DoF with the lens blur tool, I’d really recommend starting. If you need details on that, let me know, I’d be happy to make a tutorial. Actually, that stands for anyone. Anyhow, the blur is too much, too quickly. It makes the last column look almost like it is in fog, almost like an ethereal pillar, and almost like the camera couldn’t quite catch it in, but any way you look at it is doesn’t quite please you.

  5. I love the sky, but it somehow lacks depth. The lighting needs to change in order to make the sky look correct.

  6. The whole thing is great. Keep it up. I reall like it.


Hence him saying he’s not so proud of it, you should work on it more, it has the potential to become a great image.

the sky is a beautiful blue, yet the water is grey?

i think the mist isnt working, and the crack texture thingy is a bit weird.

Kansas_15, I’m a bit confused. Your post makes it sound like you’re defending him. Actually, I looked at the picture for a while, and gave some worthwhile criticism. Were you not able to fit time into your busy 32 post a day schedule to read my post before posting yours? For future reference, you might try posting something other than one liners, though a couple minutes of writing such as I have provided to IgorSandman on this piece is probably too much to ask.

Nice composition, and anogarlr pretty much covered everything that could be improved IF you decide to revisite this project :wink:

/agree Anogarlr (anogarlr’s second post)