ORAD - V (Autonomous Delivery Vehicle)

This is my latest project called Orad-V. It’s been realised 100% in Blender + Affinity and PS.

A unit being replenished at a service station before its next run.

Some background narrative to the conept:):
The ORAD-V ( Offroad Autonomous Delivery Vehicle) was originally developed for difficult medical supply jobs connecting remote settlements on Mars, especially when airborne deliveries proved to risky or the cargo was too heavy / not suitable.

Soon after the original ORAD-V showed its offroad capabilities and its reliability enthusiasts acquired a decomissioned version and modified it to participate in the annual Mount-Olympus-ApexRun. For that the medical paintjob was replaced by a more vibrant scheme reminiscient of the classic Ford GT design.

The original version side by side with the modified racing version :racing_car: .

The modified landscape shot showcases the vehicle heading towards a remote outpost through rough terrain.

Blender is very reliable at providing printable 3d-data :ok_hand:. Here are the main parts of the sanded print ready for painting. The rubber wheels were from an RC-Truck and set the base of the scale for the physical model.

Backdetail of the 3d-print. We started with some toy-Rubbertires as a base for our model.

And finally some more photos of the final physical model:

My 2d-work on Instagram and Artstation

Hope you like!

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Okay, wow this is cool!

I was content with the fact it was an awesome 3D model, but it’s now an awesome 3D print!!

Looks fantastic! :grin:

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Thanks, glad you like it! Somehow this project went a little overboard - took me 1 year altogether.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks Bart, wow, I didn’t expect that!

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