Orange Charger Rendering Job Posting


We are an EV charging startup and doing an update to our website. We are looking to have a set of rendering completed, sales presentations, etc. Our primary focus is multi-unit properties.

I created this first rendering and realized that learning blender while fun was not a great use of my time. I spent a week creating this one image. Right now my main focus is fundraising and software, so I can’t afford to spend another week learning blender :sleepy:. I really like the power of Blender and I’m looking for photorealistic rendering to really make our product offering and website stand out.

We are looking to have these renderings created:

  • Open parking lot with plants/trees in the background and a few cars charging on Orange Outlets
  • Closed/underground parking lot (close, far)
  • Product individual (solo &installed on something, close, multiple angles & top left fronts)
  • up to you- happy to see additional ideas & concepts

We would like the final design files in case we want to use them in the future and make more rendering at different camera views.

We would like these completed in the next two weeks.

We will provide, Blender Models of a few Vehicles: Model 3, Model Y, Model S, E-Tron, XC40 Recharge.

The job is paid, and we have a budget in mind so please quote us for either a one-time project cost or hourly rate with a breakdown of estimated hours and a completion date. We care about quality above all else so if you are someone with a portfolio please share it to help us make our selection.

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