Orange @ c't

in the actual issue (01/06, page 172-173) of the german computer magaznie “c’t” you can find an article about “Project Orange”. allways nice to see an article related to my favorite 3d app in my favorite magzine :smiley:

Ho!!! nice.
Can you scan it?

I will contact the the author/magazine and ask for permission. I don’t want to harm the copyright.

if I get the permission, I’m gonna scan it and post it.

First of all I have to thank the c’t magazine to give me the permission to post this article. I really appreciate there effort providing us this article. Normally they don’t allow to republish any content, but they granted exemption… they even send it as .pdf :slight_smile: Kudos to c’t.

Also it’s in german, I think a lot of you will enjoy it.

Here’s the link:

Open Movie, Florian Sailer, c’t magazine issue 01/06 page 172-173

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wow, how nice of them!

great article! good pr for project orange…

Anyone care to make an english translation?;):smiley:


I wish I could read German.

Could someone make a translation of the article? Or just give a quick jiff on what its talking about.

Thank you :smiley:

If you want to read it, C&p some part of the article in babelfish ( and translate from german to english.

It talked about opensource sofware in the industry. The orange project and the why and how on page 1. Mosty about cinepaint on page 2, and a plugin between blender and cinepaint.