Orange DVD Sales: How Many Now?

Ever since the results of the Suzanne Awards replaced that thermometer counter on, there hasn’t been a way for the general public to monitor the amount of Orange DVD sales (at least as far as I’m aware). And I’m curious. Does anyone know if we have reached the goal of 1,000 sales yet?

And if you haven’t bought it yet, I suggest you do. It will make a great holiday gift in March.

i have been searching for this too.
i thought they were going to leave that up untill the dvd was sold.
i thought i was the only one that couldnt find it. i didnt realize that it was taken down.

let us see! let us see!
although i guess they are doing quite will with the dvd sales because they have those huge ass flat screen monitors.

but i still think and would push the members of orange hard to open a section on the site that summrizes the story and gives some photos of the main characters and settings. this is a huge flaw in my opinion. it really would generate a lot more intrest and a lot more sales. it really puzzles me that they have not done this. major flaw in my opinion. but it seems they have reached their goal. i’m just saying if they would do a summary page and some character photos they could proably go beyond their goal.

it is kind of funny though because it appears that orange is a bit self concious about the dvd and if the reveal the story or photos they fear everyone will want their money back. and by not showing the story they can meet their goal and then say here is the dvd story yes we know it sucks worse then the plot to “dude, weres my car”, and by the way

no refunds!!!

haha that would be the funniest thing in the world!!!

Hey, I liked dude where’s my car!

…yeah, at least it’s funnier than certain flash animations that seem to float around here :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: by the way… i have no ideas how many dvds we sold! since we have to focus on more important things… like worrying about this movie thingie we’re making.

@ndy- i thought you said in a private message you liked my animations and that i was your hero?

Haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

haha nice photo :wink:

Wu, you always make me piss myself laughing.


wu: shhhhh… ah great. now everyone knows! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s okay, @ndy. Everyone loves Wu. There’s no reason for you to be different.

Anyway, back to the subject for a quick second…

Yeah well, nobody’s perfect.


I keep forgetting to order it. :frowning: I don’t have a credit card, but if I can get it through a checking account that would be good. I’ll check it out.

[edit] I got the DVD and I’m waiting for an email about “bank payment details.” I hope this works, I really want this DVD, and to support Orange, of course. :wink: [/edit]


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