Orange/Elephants Dream easter eggs [may contain spoilers!]

have you spotted them? (scenes, textures, audio?)

To kick off, here’s a very obvious one by Matt:
and another in the same texture:

and one by Andy:

hehe, good stuff.


Some other funny things (I’m not gonna take screenshots/render now, maybe later):

  • In the tileroom, one of the jars has a conservated suzanne-head in it
  • In the elevator shaft, there’s a red schoolbag kind of thing

Yet another one, I don’t understand this one actually: In the menu, under extra’s there’s a tile on the right without a title, but that’s a menu-item too! Under it, there’s a weird animation of a big guy, spitting while talking (without sound).

Probably an insider’s joke?

Also, check the last few frames of the making-of video (requires pausing and scrolling a bit :slight_smile: )

There are also (at least) two homages to other movies to find in the short itself, one of them referencing a Dutch actor. But that’s all I’ll say on that matter. :slight_smile:

Sounds like the animation from an old lip-sync tutorial. He’s supposed to be saying “Hallo, I am Ton Roosendaal, and I pronounce Blender as BLENDER.” I can confirm when my steenkin’ postal carrier delivers my copy finally.
Edit: The original author is Hos, but the links on the site downthread are dead. I found the file facev12.mpg with audio here. That really is Ton’s voice.

Confirmed! this one
Too bad the one on the DVD is without sound!

there are more… but some of them are very hard to find…

ACK! Forgot how ol Ton sounds ! Weirdd :stuck_out_tongue:

[censored by studio orange]

How do I get that sound file? >> I hope Chris doesn’t mind me linking :o) but that’s the one.

I’m still amused by the blonde-Ton in that tutorial (tiny picture)!

By the way, slikdigit & @ndy, it’s not going to be very believable if you say it like that (sounds more like we covered most of it :))

I was just wondering: did anyone find out if the typewriter is actually typing something? If so, what is it (I couldn’t find out where in all the files this was…)?

I remember hearing the Bassam & Andy commentary, in which Andy asks: “What’s in the jars?” When Bassam replies “You can see for yourself in the Blend files.” I immedialty thought “I bet there’s a Suzanne in there.” Good to see that I was right.

Prehaps it was just my DVD player, but I couldn’t access this one on the NTSC disc. PAL worked fine however. Anybody else had this trouble?

Yea, I found Ton’s voice weird too. Nothing like I had expected it to be. No offense Ton, if you’re reading this.

A preproduction render of what’s on those shelves for the lazy:

Of course, you could make these yourself from the source on the DVD, but I’m a nice guy. :smiley:

The pads that appear under the feet of the characters have the Blender logo on them, or at least the one that launches the robot :slight_smile:

I haven’t got the files yet, but noticed it in the HD version.

The dutch actor one is easy to spot, not as easy as the stalker one, but being a bladerunner fan myself it was one of the first things that struck me when I saw the anim (even in OpenGL). Very well done I might add.
But a bit weird to have Proog reacting that scene in that spot as the android just killed his master.

The audio missing on the lipsync seems to be a weird glitch of mp2. And yes it’s only on the PAL disc.